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 My briardly story started 20 years ago, when I became the happy
owner of my 1st briard boy, the love and passion for the breed is 
countinously keeping, and stayed as one of most important thing in my life :)) 
Chapter of Breeding started written a bit later nearly 10 years ago
when the 1st little black hairy dumplings were born under the
In last years I could welcome and being extremly pleased for 7 beautiful litters

I prefer all the time the quality instead of quantity all litters were
carefully planned, dreamed even I had to wait long.

One Best feeling when I can find the right loving passionate peoples to 
my puppies, and they bring love, fun,  to their new families !!!!!

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My dog does this amazing thing where he just exist and makes my whole life better because of it
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JUST A DOG (Richard Dehmel)

From time to time people tell me "Lighten up, it's just a dog," or well That's
a lot of money for just a dog."
They see the travel distance, the time spent and spending of the money
for just a dog, and they don't understand. Hours after hour passes,
and m only company is just a dog. Some of my proudest moments were with only a dog
and also some of my saddest moments came only with a dog.
However in those dark days it was the gentle touch of only a dog that made me strong
and motivated to keep going. Only a dog brings me pure friendship, trust, and perfect happiness.
Only a dog brings compassion and patience which makes me a better person.
Only with a dog will I get up early, take long walks, and look forward to the future.
For people like me, it is not "JUST A DOG"
My dog is an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams for the future
many happy memory from the past, and the pure joy for the present :)

I can agree with all and each word of it!! :)


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