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Anoux & Ughandi
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planed with lot of heart and emotion...but never became reality :(((

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Curriculum Vitae of the litter :)
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Ughanoux.. puppies from Anoux & Ughandi... it would have been a combination 
took us to the past..back to lines of  Enfants de Lutece briards which was one of my
all time favorite kennel from the past.  It was full of with beautiful briards
descendants of  Mme Bovary who was create the origin of this kennel with
her beautiful kids, grandkids, greatgrandkids... Ughandi was one of her grandson.

It was such a great honor & present for me got the chance using Ughandi's 
lont term stored frozen semen from Ughandi for Anoux
We were waiting long with Ughandi's owner Nicole for this special mating
We did our best, everything seemed being perfect with timing, Anoux season,
the quality of the semen, but the nature decided differently and 
Anoux didn't got puppies... We lost a dream, and a last chance taking this
line again in "live"  as had one and only chance for that without success..

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dogs from pedigree

Utreque, Ughandi, Uchas, Rubis

Utreque, Uchas - brothers of Ughandi

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there is a saying that you can not buy friendship & love but the true is enough to buy a dog or a BRIARD :))
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