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"Sheni & Consul" 
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planned with lot of heart and emotion...but never became reality :(((

they just loved each other <3 <3 

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Curriculum Vitae of the litter...
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in Consul & Sheni's joint pedigree I could see nearly all my favorite lines,
also briards I loved  in the past, and had chance to know and met
with them in person back to at least 3 generations.  Consul's father Remi  son of Tchibo
& mum Rosa I am following their childhood, also Rosa's finish Boondock's family
Tyriss who is a daughter of  Tchibo.  Rosa's daddy Seiso  was father of
my "E" litter, grandma Kennedy I met several times, and  Riisi we could welcome
in our house when she had the mating with Tchibo :))  even I followed her
during the internet from her birth as this finish litter with Abaddo took my attention long
time ago, when I had no any clue I will start with breeding even I haven't have Tchibo  :))

This could have been a dream combination for me including dogs I love and known.. 
I lost  this chance having babies from my perfect combination... I have to try
something different, but  following my heart with it....

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there is a saying that you can not buy friendship & love but the true is enough to buy a dog or a BRIARD :))
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