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"Sheni & Prinssi" 
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It could have a last chance litter... but life took away this chance from us
suddenly, shocking way... broken hearts leave behind...

planned with lot of heart and emotion...but never became reality :(((

The long waiting season of Sheni arrived end of March...  I had to change the original plan
from last year but still would like something very similar so after a quick
excited organizing I took the road to Nord part of Europe to our Prince..
We were already in Helsinki just a few hours from the meeting with Sheni's lover boy
when he went suddenly sick, and a few hours later he has gone... 
suddenly without any sign, leaving lot of broken heart behind. 
We were shocked & devastated  feel so much together with Prinssi's owner Riitta...
Life took chances again and again away.... loosing another piece from us....

run free beautiful Prince... Boondock's Jump gump Jump "Priinssi"

He had same movement as daddy Tchibo....and now they can run together :((

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Curriculum Vitae of the litter...
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After replan last year plan i still would like to stay the same track and going back to Tchibo with the 
pedigree, and also  Prinssi's mother line have the finish connection in his pedigree. 
as Prinssi is brother of Tyriss who is grandmother of Consul :) 

Prinssi is  grandson of  NE Winner Abaddo Arte Cassari 
going back one more generations there are 3 famous  Mont's En Crouzille
boys UEBB Winner   Idole des Mont's En Crouzille &  BISS, Rebelle des Mont's En Crouzille &
his daddy H'Apache des Mont's En Crouzille all of them are
French Champ just like  Sheni's daddy  Sage....  <3

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Here is where the story started with Riisi & Tchibo . <3

finish - hungarian connection should have been continued.... :(((

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FAMILY, Mother Side, Father Side, Sisters, brothers....... <3 <3 <3 <3
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there is a saying that you can not buy friendship & love but the true is enough to buy a dog or a BRIARD :))
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