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if you are interested in a little black briard puppy 
you can take contact with me, looking forward :)) 

phone + 36/30 732 37 62 +36/30 687-55-18  or through MSN, FB... etc :)))

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FreNch Championat & Nationale de Elevage 2021
We had "a little" show tour in France after nearly 3 years  break


Graphithe du Tchibo d'Ebéne got  both days 1st place excellent 1 in working class
Diamond Noire de Chill du Tchibo d'Ebéne - got excellent 2 , Sunday, excellent 4 Saturday
in open class 

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Graphi took part and got COTATION 3, with super judgement from Jacques Dillies :)
and as family relation DU TCHIBO D'EBÉNE became 3 rd kennel  :)

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NE 2019

 It was a plan for me to travel as every Year  but finally I stayed at home with the puppies.
as pleasured News Flavia got COTATION 3 RS with exc character test  Dyanii Léne also
officially COTATION 3 RS she achieved all the conditions
at Regionale de Elevage in May :) 

Not direct result from the Kennel ut was so pleased and emotional for me even ooking it from the far...
The best youth black boy, BEST YOUTH, and furthermore the BEST MALE (Meilleure Male)

BOS title got Ornoir du Val d'Auguis out of Jorka du Val d'Auguis & O'Remington Steele Nadina Sis
grandson of my Tchibo &
Byron du Tchibo d'Ebéne…
it is such a nice continuation of results through generations :))) 

in 2007 Tchibo was Best Youth Male five years later Byron could repeat and now again 5 years later
their joint grandson Ornoir who even won more with BEST MALE with age less than 15 months. :)

also had little family relation in best youth girl competition with Ravage de la Oréne Noire
daughter of Black Pearl du Tchibo d'Ebéne  who became 1st in youth class :)) 

Actually it is the 7th Year in a row when one of Tchibo's grandkids or kid
became best youth in youth class at NE starting 2013 with Byron (2013), Black Pearl (2013), Costello (2014)
Dolce (2015), Joe Black (2015), Laos (2016), Consul (2017) Quelle Pomesse (2018), Ornoir (2019)
meanwhile also 2 sons of him obtained the CAC (Enzo Noir & Costello who also became  BOB!!)

I am following continuosly his offspring and can be proud of them
thanked to all of their owners, and breeder using the line!!!

I lost Tchibo 4 years ago he was one and the only...tough I can slowly imagine an other boy in the house...

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Puppies were born 3th of August 
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 Anoux & Moses super little sons :)))))  you can find more info at the litter page

"G" litter du Tchibo d'Ebéne

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Than & Now.. breeder's heart :)

nearly 4 years not too much has been changed....  Budapest 2015  vs  Espoo  2019

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Finland, destiny, something wrong...

The long waiting season of Sheni arrived end of March...  I had to change the original plan
from last year but still would like something very similar so after a quick
excited organizing I took the road to Nord part of Europe to our Prince..
We were already in Helsinki just a few hours from the meeting with Sheni's lover boy
when he went suddenly sick, and a few hours later he has gone... 
suddenly without any sign, leaving lot of broken heart behind. 
We were shocked & devastated  feel so much together with Prinssi's owner Riitta...
Life took chances again and again away.... loosing another piece from us....

run free beautiful Prince... Boondock's Jump gump Jump "Priinssi"

more info 

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24th March Garda lake - show

Blues (Favorito di Bruno du Tchibo d'Ebéne started  as nice practice for the youth boy and got
exc 1, Best Youth, BOB :))


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Swedish Briardspecial 8th March - Nordstjarnan 2018

Costello du Tchibo d'Ebéne started in champ class and got  -

exc 1,

Big congrats to the super result to Anna & C :))

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Cruft's 2019 8th March

this year little Lilac (Echo Noire du Tchibo d'Ebéne) started from our UK family :))

she got  3 rd place in postgraduate class :)) from 10 competitors

The BOB became Lilac halfbrother  "Neyo"  Seiso's son.  It was a nice remembrance of
Seiso  and this was the 3rd  year in a row when his child took the breed at Cruft's 

2017 - Étrerat du Tchibo d'Ebéne "Zico" 
2018  - Boondock's Our Ms r Steele 
2019 - Sendero's Here we Go at Charson 

big congrats, Sonya, Merry Jeanne, Diane for Lilac  and I was pleased could see the little girl in the ring


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Blues & Show at "Riva del Garda" 02-03 March :))

Blues (Favorito di Bruno du Tchibo d'Ebéne) started 1st time in youth class and got 

exc 1, YOUTH WINNER, BEST JUNIOR & BOB title Sunday :)))

big big congrats  Giorgio, Any, Blues :))


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Wilho & Darcio - 2 boys from Chilli & Sage 2 shows

Darcio  participated at double shows in Moscow 23-24 th February and  he became 

exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS,  Eurasia Winner 2019 
judged by breed specialist  J. Dupas (FR)

&  another day
exc 1, CAC, res.CACIB 

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Wilho  Delroy de Chilli  du Tchibo d'Ebéne took part at a CACIB show in Finland 

and he  got 

this was a little jubilee of Wilhow with his 40 th CACIBs title :-O 

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FRPK Yearly Dinner  :)))

it creates always an opportunity , and time for looking back to last year achievments, celebrate together. 
last year  dogs from du Tchibo d'Ebé
ne family continued their successes in the showring
also the next generation were arrived with "F" puppies from Angie & Marshall. 

DU TCHIBO D'EBÉNE Kennel was awarded BEST KENNEL OF 2018 :) 
thanked to last year  results of Costello, Cruella, Amuse, Anoux, Angie, Black, Wilho, Sheni, Zico, Edward

i did'nt do too much shows with  Sheni last year but  she did all with style so  she could became 


and last but not least  Tita (Niagara Dalido) again  BEST BREEDING DOG in 2018
with results of  Costello, Cruella, Anoux, Angie, Amuse :)))
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Edward success in Iceland  :)))

as another nice reward  Edward became  BEST BRIARD, TOP 1 in 2018 year  in Iceland

Big, Big Congrats  Valdis & Edward :))

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10 years of challange :)))

a bit more than 10 years.... with  puppy Tchibo  and 
with his daughter & granddaughter (Anoux & Sheni)

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Amuse debut in this year Mouscron CACIB  :)))

She continued last year successes and  became  exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
at Briard Special CACIB in Belgium

big, big congrats :)))))  !!!
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Wilho success in Finland  :)))

He had such a great year in 2018 with lot of show successes  :))))
big, big congrats Satu and Wilho!!!!

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Christmas show - end of 2018 :))) <3

Amuse had a super year end closing  finishing her incredible show year in 2018
she became 
exc 1, CAC, CACIB  & BOB & BEST OF GROUP!!! :))

Big, big congrats Sabine & Zoé!!
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De ja vu :))) <3

Anoux the best friend ... she is part of my life
and was friend with Chilli & now her daughter Sheni... <3


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Helsinki & Finnish Winner Show 2018

EDelroy was started and 1st day Saturday he was exc1, got Nordic CAC  & BOB

Sunday he won champ class & became 2nd Best Male with res.CACIB

the above BOB was his 45 th !!! :)))) super congratulation to Satu & Wilho

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Rejkjavik - Winterwonderland Show

Edward du Tchibo d'Ebéne - Anoux & Seiso son started and became
exc1, got the
Nordic CAC, and BOB :)  - he needs only one last Nordic CAC became Nordic Champ :)))

big congrats  Valids & Edward!!!
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Dortmund BundesSieger & CACIB

1st day - Saturday
We have 2 fresh german champion in the family :)

Amuse du Tchibo d'Ebéne got
exc1, VDH Champ in ch class & became res.CACIB, Best Black Female,
Costello du Tchibo d'Ebéne got
exc1, VDH Champ in ch class
& 3rd relation Osiris du Bohemian (Tchibo's grandson) became
CACIB, Bunessieger, BOS

2nd day - Sunday
Costello got exc1, VDH Champ, & res.CACIB in Dortmund,
Amuse became  
exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
 in Kortjik EuroDogShow CACIB - both under breed specialist  Elia Alia &Jan Gilcoru from UK

Great Show WE , happy owner, breeder :) big congrats Anna, Zoé, Sabine xxxxx

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Loong Show WE in USA
our grey Chilli-Sage son Deauville had again super results,
all days he won Group 1st or Group Placements
So handsome, and so professional in the show ring!!
Make us proud with his appearance (owner & breeder)

soo happy for Him, and Odile who got a boy out of her special boy Sage like Deauville!!

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1st &2nd WE November -2 son of Chilli & Sage 2 CACIB's

Delroy de Chilli du Tchibo d'Ebéne took part CACIB Show in Finland  got
exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS :) (It vas his 39 th CACIB title )

Darcio de Chilli du Tchibo d'Ebéne took part CACIB Show in Moscow  and got

exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB :))


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20th October French Sheperd Dog Clubshow

Byron du Tchibo d'Ebéne was winner of working class - exc1, CAC
Ebonique du Tchibo d'Ebéne "Bijou" was winner of champ class- exc1, CAC :)
Diamond Noire de Chilli du Tchibo d'Ebéne "Sheni"  was winner of honor cl
& became  

We got  2nd place in Breeding Group & last but not least
Byron & Sheni became Best Couple as a nice memory to their mummy Chilli
who would have been 9 years old exactly the day of the show

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Capello finished his US Champ :)
He is still so young but could collect all nessesary points for finishing his champion title!!

Angie & Marshall can be proud of their son!!
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Our Herding family are extended :))

Lotta, Lykke , Florrie actively doing herding work in Norway & France
took part herding camp/weekend recently.  So great to see them doing such a great job with sheep

briards in their herding element :)))

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Czech Speciality Show Oct 7th

Tchibo 3 years old daughter from his last litter in his origin kennel Dalido - Divine Chérie Dalido became


iShe is super daughter of Esmina & Tchibo
her sister Desir D'Aimer Dalido just a few weeks ago finished her
 Polish Champion

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WE of US National & Special Winner (6-7th October)

Both US boys started there from family  Deauville & Fiero Capello & had really nice results

Deauville took part at the US Rasseblement (SELECTION) and achieved it from
the well-known french specialist judge Mme Weber with highest level comments & at
Regional Speciality became  
SELECT DOG    judged  by Salvatore Gianonne (Fr)

The young Cap (Fiero Capello) took part at his 1st National just with his
8 and half months of age  less than a real junior here in Europe
and  regardless his youth age he could won over
all males who were not being prev. champions and got


title at the bigest briar show in US with such a youth age!
It was really unexpected reward for the youngster <3

super boys from "D" & "F" litter Sage, Chilli & Angie ,Marhsall as proud parents
big big contratulations to Odile, Diane to their happy owners. :)

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29th September Abano Terme Italian Clubshow

Blues (Favorito di Bruno du Tchibo d'Ebéne) became 
Very Promising 1, BEST PUPPY   at Italian Clubshow 

judged by Christian Janes - super Blues & Giorgio & Any :))))
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22-23th September 2018 - Kecskemét

because I missed so much being in the show ring  I enetered Sheni
(Diamond Noire de Chilli du Tchibo d'Ebéne)
to Kecskemét double CACIB Show. She got both days


on Saturday the judge was the honorable breed specialist Vera Huberthal from Norway
who liked so much her <3 <3
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15-16th September 2018

Nationale de Elevage 2018
I was pleased could meet  our briard family from youngest to oldest from "A" to "F" puppies :)
Florrie Noire, Flavia la Vita, Favorito di Bruno "Blues " all got
very promising
& passed the CANT with super instinkt :)
Our already selected team Amuse & Costello received
excellent 3
Black Pearl exc 4, Angelina Jolie excellent in champion class
Ebonique "Bijou" got
excellent in morphology

DU TCHIBO D'EBÉNE team became
3rd BEST BREEDING GROUP thanked to
the presentation of the super owners I can always count !!!!
5 SELECTED, multi Champ  members of the family

Amuse, Angelina Jolie, Black Pearl, Costello, Diamond Noire


Best Youth dog of NE became Amuse's daughter Quelle Promesse du Pont d'Escaut 
(Tchibo & Tita granddaughter :)) )

Best Veteran Male became O'Remington Steele Nadina Sis - Tchibo's son :)))

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1-2 th September 2018

Netherland Clubshow & Selection 2018

Amuse became CAC, BEST FEMALE  - so Netherland Clubwinner 2018 & BOS :)
she owned the challange cup just after Black Pearl who got it last year

on sunday Amuse became

Swedish Club Show BAST I VAST 2018

same WE in Sweden Costello became   BEST MALE :) Bast I Vast Winner, BOS 

sister & bro had super nice show WE !!!  Big congrats Anna & Co too xxxx

Clubshow in Switzerland

3rd Clubshow was in Swiss where Dyanii started, sweet daughter of Chilli & Sage and got
exc1, CAC in  :))) in champ class

Big congrats Rosmarie & sweety Dyanii <3

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25-26th August Rejkjavik CACIB

a double show weekend  - Edward du Tchibo d'Ebéne (Anoux & Seiso's son) got double exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
and with this he fulfilled all condition of CIE


Big Congrats Valdis & Edward - little Anoux is proud mummy :))))

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Baltic Winner Show 2018

Wilho - Delroy de Chilli started, and got exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - Best Male :)
the BOB was Halla (Boondock's Just a Wow Factor)  - veteran daughter of Thibo who became also
Best Veteran, and the CACIB female was Hile, granddaughter of Tchibo, sister of Consul
(Edelweiss de la Porte de Pantin) :))

Big big congrats !!!!!!!
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World Dog Show Amsterdam

Amuse du Tchibo d'Ebéne started in champion class and got  the super 2nd place - excellent 2
soo pleased with Sabine & Zoé

&  O'Remington Steele Nadina Sis  "Remi" - Tchibo & Kennedy's son was 1st time in veteran class
& became

Big congrats Ruth & Remi it is a beautiful pict of both of you

time is running extremly fast - he was WorldWinner in 2012 Salzburg
starting together with daddy Tchibo <3 :), and now the kids started their veteran age!!!!


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British Briard Club open Show

The english boy Zico (Étrerat du Tchibo d'Ebéne)  participated and did so well !!!
 hIt was a nice suprise to me for Sunday :)
He was choosen
BEST MALE & BEST IN SHOW  of the Clubshow :)))

Happy, and proud with Sarah & Sonya who handled him so great :)


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Herend CAC :)

WThis year "Bijou"  Ebonique du Tchibo d'Ebéne started  and got 

exc 1, CAC, BOB,  res. BOG :))) 

2nd place in the herding group as well 

Herend is always great place for doing a show!! 
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Wilho got exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB & 2nd place in Herding Group  He is such a successful lovely boy !!!!

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Deauville's successes in US :))

He started a long show WE in the US, took part at 4 shows & ended with
4 BEST OF BREED & 3 BEST OF GROUP, winning herding group
Deauville (son of Chilli & Sage) continue his successes overseas made us
proud with his owner Odile and following a bit his father's SAGE steps in US
and above all of his results he is such a sweet character :) prev. Mr. Brown

Proudly present Am.Grand.Champ. BSS. Multi Group Winner - Deauville du Tchibo d'Ebéne :)

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During summer little "F" puppies were started their show career :))

2 little frenchie  in baby class
Flavia la Vita started in April  at Regionale de Elevage in Lotharingia and got 

Very Promising  also passed the character test with excellent :)

Florrie debuted in early May at Evreux CAC with very promising ,
Best Baby 
in Genk  VP 1 Best Puppy & in Dunquerque CACIB Best Puppy :))

Futura's 1st show was at Norwegian Clubshow where she got
VP &
2nd place in baby class as youngest

Favorito di Bruno's "Blues" debut was at ENCI Winner show & Clubshow in Milan 
where all 3 days he became
BEST BABY so obtained all conditions of
Italian Puppy Champion & ENCI PUPPY WINNER

Fiero Capello has been also over his 1st show in US in puppy class where
obtained 1st major towards his American Championship :) He is always a 
happy boy with all the time wagging  tail

Happy with owners  - Muriel, Nathalie , Giorgio, Any , Diane, Helena,
hardly wait to see them  in September at NE

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Hungarian (French Sheperd) Speciality 2018

The girly duo have rocked  :)

We had a nice show day 22 th June at one yearly event of our club.

Anoux became  SPECIAITY WINNER 2018  from champion class :)
Sheni started 1st time in honour class as fresh club champion lady & won
from all french shepherd :))))

Happy, happy, happy :)

23-24th June Arrau CAC + CACIB

Dyanii the swiss girl in our family took part and fullfilled all condition of Swiss Champion got 
double CAC & a res.CACIB 
Dyanni was also SELECTED in Swiss last year which is also the condition of the champ title )
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UEBB & BVN Holland Clubshow 2018

Super results of the family :)

3 members from the family started :) Amuse, Costello & Black Pearl 

At Holland Clubshow Costello du Tchibo d'Ebéne won the champ class & became


at UEBB Amuse du Tchibo d'Ebéne won the champ
excellent 1 class & became
2nd Best Female of UEBB (not official) :)  at clubshow she got
excellent 3

Black Pearl du Tchibo d'Ebéne received excellent 3 in champ class at UEBB & exc BVN Club

biig, biig congrats to all of you!! I am a bit ad could not take part this year but with you
I had a bit the feeling was part of this one of the biggest briard event xxxxx

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Lavender & Miss Lilac girl :)  June 
3 years old girl in her colour element :)))))) 

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Estonian Winner Tallin CACIB

Wilho (Delroy de Chilli du Tchibo d'Ebéne) became



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Belgian  Clubshow  26th of May

Super results of the family :)

Amuse du Tchibo d'Ebéne (Tita & Tchibo daughter) became 

It was an after BD present for 10 years old mummy Tita :)

Best Male, Clubwinner
became Sheni's & my current favorite boy
Consul - Ecco Mr. C Steele de la Porte de Pantin :) Tchibo's grandson

I did also a little travel to the past as it was  10 years Jubilee
of Tchibo's winning Clubwinner & Best Male
and now his daughter & his grandson got BOS & BOB..  thinking so lot of Him...


I was so happy with Zoe, Sabine - Amuse's owners
&  Ruth  Consul's breeder & owner :))


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Long WE - & sad news

When your plan and dream aren't became reality.... Sheni & Consul won't have
babies this summer... :((((  We did not see little wonders on UH
so further episodes of our "love" series are postponed... with lot of hope  for next time

more info

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Tita's Birthday :)  19th of May

Tita celebrated her 10 years of BD !!! :)))))
My crazy girl, best mummy... we went through so much together having plenty of memories

She is mum of 14 lovley kids, grand & great grand mummy :)

I enjoy so much this recent time with my oldie  and jut wish still many furter years together


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Finnish Briard Speciality  (10th of May)

The Winner boy Wilho :) - Delroy de Chilli du Tchibo d'Ebéne became
 so happy with Satu :)   this boy is unbelievable :)

Another pleasant news that Best Female was also from past & future family Edelweiss de la Porte de Pantin
"Hile"who is sister of Consul Sheni's loverboy & also granddaughter of  Tchibo <3
When the past and present  joint with the future :)))

Soo happy!!!  for present, for hoped future and unforgettable past....

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Swedish Clubshow (12th May)

it was unbeliveable great news  as C & C duo Costello & Cruella won all which was possible

Costello got exc1, became
BEST MALE (Clubwinner) BOS

Cruella de Ville got 1st in working class BEST FEMALE  (Clubwinner), BOB,
BEST IN SHOW!!!! :)  also won working BIS &  Best Movement Title :)

I am soo happy - kids of Tchibo & Tita :)
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Mosonmagyaróvár CAC 29th April
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

little Bijou started 1st time in champion class & got  exc 1, CAC, BOB :)

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Beautiful Honeymoon in Germany
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

Once upon a time.. 2 youth happy briard met each other in spring Sauerland & felt in LOVE nearly
the 1st sight.... We hope this 1st chapter with this loving start will be continued...

Next part of the serie is after the ultrasound :)
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Nitra CACIB  8th April 
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

Sheni got  exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS  (Best Female) in champ. class

could finish her  CIE - CHAMPION INTERNATIONAL DE BEAUTY   Title :)

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Happy Eastern :)
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)


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Herding Competition - Szaporca
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

Byron took part at  Tradicional Styling Herding competition  - at  LEVEL 1 - it was his 1st cometition
and got really nice results  - 89/100 , & 88/ 100  - and 2nd and 4th place

his perfect  handler was : Patkó Gabriella :)


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Cruft's 2018 & family relation :) 

After last year big win of Zico being DCC & BOB this year had also lot of family relation with Cruft's
reason of Tchibo's desdendants  as all 4 highest rated briards were grandkids of him 

BEST BITCH, BCC, BOB  - Boondock's  Our Ms R Steele "Rosa"  (Seiso &Tyriss daughter)
BEST DOG, DCC  - Ecco Mr C Steele de la Porte de Pantin  (Remington & Rosa son)

Res.CC bitch  - Enchanted Giselle de la Porte de Pantin (Remington & Rosa)
Res.CC  dog - is  Stormfield Reckless Erik  (son of Aimée du tchibo d'Ebéne)

I could follow all from the far Ruth's great success with double winnings 

I was also so happy with Sonya as Seiso's child were 2nd time in a raw BOB at Cruft's,
and Max Jones who is breeder  Erik &  Seiso, and Anu  & Jari Pellas  Rosa's breeders :)))

It is somehow our joint briard family reason of  friendship, long relations,
dogs in our  briard  pedigrees and  in  our  breeding :)))))

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Dyanii success in Switzerland :) 

Miss sweety was the  BEST SHOW BRIARD in 2016  in Switzerland 
she owned reason of that the


big, big congrats  Rosmarie & Dyanii !!!! 
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Clubdinner with prizes - summary of 2017 
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

As a result of last year achievments du Tchibo d'Ebéne Kennel  was awarded as 


in the French Shepred Dog Club with incredible results of the family :)) in prev year

BOB Nationale de Elevage (Costello), BOB at Cruft's (Étrerat)
several CLUBWINNER Titles in Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, CAC at french Championat
(Black Peark, Costello, Diamond Noire, Byron)
Classwinners at UEBB, WDS, NE (Anoux, Byron, Costello, Black, Diamond Noire)
just to mentioned the most unforgettables..

As Breeding Group - 1st at UEBB, CFH Clubshow, Raduno Italy, Austrian Clushow
with Anoux, Angie, Black, Byron, Costello, Cruella, Dyanii, Diamond Noire, Ebonique...

Tita - Niagara Dalido became 
BEST BREEDIG BITCH as mum of "A" & "C" litters
Anoux got 2nd place as mum of "E" puppies

THANK YOU!!!!.. to all super owners who made all above possible!!!
I can not say  what all mean to me it ws a year whih won't be able to beat in the future
as was too incredible :)))

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As individually results.....

Diamond Noire de Chilli  (Sheni)  became  

Best French Sheperd Female, 2nd Best French Sheperd 
 in the overall competition

Tita (Niagara Dalido) Best Veteran Briard Female, & 3rd Veteran French Sheperd 

Byron - Best Briard Male in 2017
Ebonique -  3rd Best Briard Female in 2017 

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Babies were born 6th January
4 females, 2males :)
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Some of them still looking their forever homes :))))

more info

if you interested you can take contact

Phone/Tel: +36/30 732 37 62

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Expecting litter for  2018 January
more info on litters page, if you interested you can take contact with me  :)

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Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Finnish Winner, Nordic Winner, Helsinki Winner :)
Costello du Tchibo d'Ebéne - became  exc1, CACIB, Best Male 2nd
Delroy de Chilli became 


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World dog Show Leipzig 2017
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

& our family results :))

Byron du Tchibo d'Ebéne : exc1, VDH Champ
Costello du Tchibo d'Ebéne : exc1,
VDH Champ
Diamond Noire de Chilli  du Tchibo d'Ebéne : excellent 3
Dyanii Léne du Tchibo d'Ebéne : excellent in the strong open class :)

I was really not sure that I'll go to this event - one of bigest shows among all WDS,
but finally I am happy couldparticipate at this prestigous event.
It was a great feeling stand in the final pick for CACIB with 2 boys
Byron & Costello sons of Chilli & Tchibo my beloved ones

Tchibo was in my mind a lot as in 2012 Salzburg he was also winner of champion class
from about 22 champ males and now Costello could repeat the same result 5 years later 
he was also picked as 3rd best male just behind the res.CACIB :)


Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Darcio the russian boy & champion :))

Darcio de Chilli du Tchibo d'Ebéne - Chilli & Sage son  became 


Big congrats Natalya :)))

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Angie & Marshall Rendezvous
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

They had a date 4-5th November.
So we cross all fingers and paws for great news of future birth of the puppies in the extended family <3

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Komárom CACIB
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

This time grandma& grandkid started :)
Ebonique du Tchibo d'Ebéne "Bijou" received all was possible :)
exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Cruft's Qualification

her gandma  Niagara Dalido "Tita" started in veteran class got
exc1, Vet. CAC, BOV

and both generations finished their champion titles

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Slovakian Clubshow 2017
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

EWe spent a nice day at Slovakian Clubshow in a beautiful Autumn weather
Byron du Tchibo d'Ebéne got  CAC, & became
Ebonique du Tchibo d'Ebéne got 2nd place in open class

the blackies were also happy to friends Iszkiri success  as  BEST VETERAN, BOS, BEST FEMALE!!
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Italian Clubshow & Selection 2017
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
35th  Raduno Abano Terme 

4 members started from the family <3
Diamond Noire de Chilli "Sheni"  got exc1, open cl CAC & got

BEST BLACK BRIARD TROPHY BRUNO MARCHESE :)& was selected for Best Black Female
Anoux got exc1, CAC from working class,
Ebonique got excellent 3 in open class, Angelina Jolie excellent in champ class


And du Tchibo d'Ebéne was BEST BREEDING Group of RADUNO :)))))

Selection day 31th October 

All 3 girls - Anoux, Sheni (Diamond Noire), Bijou (Ebonique) were SELECTED in Italy  :)))
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Netherland Clubshow 2017 (NBC)

Black Pearl du Tchibo d'Ebéne  could doubled her successes :))  and she became this year again
CAC, BEST FEMALE, CLUBWINNER at NBC  Netherland Clubshow 

Sooo great for the black jumping kangaroo - super daughter of Chilli & Falko JR
Big congrats Audrey & Black!!!

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

aand just a week later she took part a CACIB in Besancon in France where got the last CAC for

finishing her

she is the 1st French Champion from my breeding!!! Happy, and so thankful
she follows her daddy Falko JR, and mummy Chilli would be also so proud of her daughter....


Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Nationale de Elevage 2017 France
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

My 10 years Jubileum with NE.... (2007-2017) :)

It is really still unbeliveable what happened at the Nationale De Elevage

Costello du Tchibo d'Ebéne  CAC, BEST MALE, BOB  !!!!! :)))  & SELECTED
 from more than 250 entered briards

Niagra Dalido "Tita" mum of my "A" & "C" litters started in veteran class got 1st place,
she also passed the
and with her kids  Anoux, Angie, Costello, Cruella became 1st in Progeny Group
she also fullfiled condition of  
& she is proud mum of BOB :)))))) and Tchibo... who could have been proud daddy again... <3

Diamond Noire de Chilli du Tchibo d'Ebéne (Sheni)  got 2nd place in open lass
from more than 30 black females &
with her result also my Chilli <3 <3 <3 fullfilled all conditon of 

Anoux du Tchibo d'Ebéne got 2nd place in working class
Black Pearl du Tchibo d'Ebéne 1st, Angelina Jolie 2nd in champion class
Eloise Noire du Tchibo d'Ebéne 

Dyanii Léne du Tchibo d'Ebéne   EXCELLENT RS,
Cruella de Ville du Tchibo d'Ebéne  :

10 years, & Spirit from the past...

It was my 10 years Jubilee with NE & I could feel so much connection to the past
2007  Tchibo won  Best Youth Male  as our debut
2017 his son Costello du Tchibo d'Ebéne  won Best Male, BOB titles
his grandson Ecco Mr C Steele de la Porte de Pantin "Conul"
became  Best Youth Male, BEST YOUTH

& his kids from my "A" & "C" litters won best progeny group with Tita <3

Tchibo spirit was with us at that day.... he gave me again something special present...


Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
CFH Clubshow 2017Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

This it was totally last minute decision to take part this club show, and I started with 3 dogs finally :)))
Anoux, Byron, Sheni, and Angie was also entered :)

Anoux got : exc1,
VDH Champ in working class
Angelina Jolie got: exc1,
VDH Champ in champion class
Diamond Noire de Chilli, Sheni : exc 2, VDH Champ.res in champ class
Byron got : exc1,
VDH Champ, res.CAC (2nd best Black Male)

and with these 4 we brought again the Best Kennel stick from CFH :) which i took back from last year :)
so it is stayed again in the family <3 thanked to Anoux, Angie, Byron, Sheni

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Championat de France 2017 - Nantes
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

Black Pearl  du Tchibo d'Ebéne  started, and could get  the CAC,  after winning the open class :)

 so she can follow a dream get the chance being French Champion :))

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
UEBB Show & Beligan Selection 2017
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

UEBB is always something where worth being there for a briard lover, reason of looking
a lot of briards, meetings of friends & far away living pupies...
I was lucky enough this year 7 "puppies" sarted from the family

Anoux & Sheni the 2 freshly SELECTED girl & 2 CLASSWINNERS :)))

Family results :)
Diamond Noire (Sheni)  - excellent 1  in intermediate class & SELECTED
Anoux - excellent 1 in working class & SELECTED
Costello, excellent 3 in champ class, Black Pearl exc 2 in champ class, Cruella exc in op class
 Dyanii Léne  - SELECTED


Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
It was long travel coming there, but it was so worth, and I tok home so lot nice feelings,
emotions in my heart, I loaded up for next months, made a lot of pictures which
will became future memories

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
FRPK Clubshow 2017 - May
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
It was a nice day for the du Tchibo d'Ebéne family :) we had nice weather, company, and atmosphere

Diamond Noire - Sheni got all which was possible, and much more I could imagine before...


Byron did also so nice similar to his half-sister, got exc1, CAC, CLUBWINNER, BOS
with this title he could obtain all condition of FRPK CLUBCHAMPION
little Bijou (Ebonique) got exc1, CAC
Anoux exc1 in honour cl &

Nice day together, nice weather, company, and atmospheree... 
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Crufts  2017
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
and with Special result of the family :)
Zico - Étrerat du Tchibo d'Ebéne did one of bigest suprise he  became


from the entered more thn 100 briards :)  I really could hardly believe it. was such a present
for all of us , he is following his daddy's  Seiso footsteps who won the Cruft's Trophy in 2013
Anoux & Seiso can be proud of Him :)  
He is following his famous daddy Seiso won Cruft' trophy in 2013

and as 2nd nice result, last but not least  sister "Echo Noire" Lilac - who got 3rd place in her class

So happy with Sarah, Sonya who wanted to make me also part of this event & win :)))
We could be over the moon with this result and seeing Zico  "Étrerat du Tchibo d'Ebéne"
written on the big screen was really special :))) so thankful & happy!!!!!

Zico is the 1st hungarian breeded briard who could won the breed at Cruft's

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Herding Weekend & Family meeting
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

After the lon winter we organized something toegether with close-living dogs from the family :) 
We spent a nice day at Patkó tanya Székesfehérvár with herding morning, and afternoon
had a nice lunch and also celebrate the success of last year with yearly
prices we got just a day before :)  Dogs ran a lot & enjoyed the herding :))


Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Winterdogshow February 2017
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

Sheni  (Diamond Noire de Chilli du Tchibo d'Ebéne gave present for my BD
(though she was a present itself :)) )

We had a Marathon Show WE from 16th February to 19th Febr in Budapest
She won all 4 days obtained  4 CAC, 3 CACIB, 4 BOB Titles
wih these could finished one "instant" champion :D filled all conditions of



Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Beginning of the year.....
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

It has been started not good as we had to lose a long planned dream... 
Ughandi & Anoux won't have babies... So unfair, as we did our best, all signs
were perfect... and have been waiting so so long especially
Nicole owner of Ughandi to give something special from the past
for the future with his babies....

more info

Had to learn a lot from little Anoux who doesn't look into the future, or not thinking
about the past , just enjoying her toy with lot of joy in the present. 
She doesn't know anything how much we hoped and wished her babies...

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

End of the Year in Netherlands...
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

Anoux arranged a program for me Christmas & Newyear  just wanted
that I donot miss long winter travel this year either
this time to the foggy and cold Netherlands reason of the so long planned mating with
Ughandi's frozen semen... <3

All signs were good... Anoux was being ready on New Year's Eve  made the date even more special

Hoping so much Ughandi & Anoux presented us with this special litter for 2017 <3

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Delroy de Chilli recent successes :))
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)


15391184_10206032037880588_6248615214321507800_n.jpg (51174 bytes)

He was BEST MALE, CACIB, BOB  - at Swedish Winner Show in Stockholm!!!

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

Nitra CACIB 04.12.2016 - Byron & Bijou
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

Ebonique: exc1, CAJC, BOB Youth

little Bijou, filled condition of  JUNIOR CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA <3

comp_Duo7.jpg (78016 bytes)

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

30 th November - "A" litter Birthday
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
little 5 years old Anoux <3 <3

comp_anu8b.jpg (152751 bytes)comp_Anuzt.jpg (173520 bytes)comp_anu8a.jpg (143109 bytes)comp_anu76.jpg (93283 bytes)

HB Angie, Amuse, Amalka, Aimée, Azurro, Aruna, xxxx

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

Show weekend by du Tchibo d'Ebéne Nov
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

GENEVE CACIB's - Switzerland
Angelina Jolie   3 x CAC  winner of Champion class
Dyanii Léne  3 x CAC  winner of Intermediate class

Dyanii  filled condition of

Kotrijk EuroDog showCACIB' - Belgium
Ely Lue   exc1 in youth class  BEST YOUTH BLACK FEMALE :))
and her brother Etrerat  - excellent 2 in youth class

Ely Lue , filled condition of 

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

Herding weekend Székesfehérvár
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

They enjoyed it a lot :)) Anoux & Sheni duo <3
14695609_10206095963996897_2505599735882469394_n.jpg (19421 bytes)

herding.jpg (32846 bytes)

More pictures at the blog site   du Tchibo d'Ebéne blog

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

Season closing show - FRPK Speciality 15th October
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
I was happy, as 5 du Tchibo d'Ebéne dogs could started.... and received so nice results!!

Ebonique  "Bijou" started still in youth class  got  exc1, HPJ,

Youth Speciality Winner, Best Junior, & JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW
Darchelle de Chilli  "Darchi" got exc1, CAC in intermediate class
Diamond Noire de Chilli "Sheni"  started 1st time  in adult class   got

exc1, CAC, Speciality Winner, BOB, BIS III :))
Byron was the only male in the team :)  became
exc1, CAC, Speciality Winner, Best Male, BOS
little Anoux was again in honour class just for fun  got, exc1, Honour res.BIS

Comp_Five_dog2.jpg (208075 bytes)

and last but not least with these five dogs could present a breeding group with 1st place
Thank you for all your help & coming  I am so happy with them!

Shenii <3 <3 <3  :)))))


Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
Komárom double show weekend 08-09.10.
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
We had a super great weekend with 2 CACIB shows in Komárom with du Tchibo d'Ebéne team <3

Darchelle de Chilli  CAC, CACIB
Ebonique (Bijou) HPJ, Best Junior & BOB &
2nd day

& all of them qualified for the Cruft's :))
So pleased with all the results with the family :)

montage_komarom.jpg (85713 bytes)

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)
European Dog Show Bruxelles - August 
Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)

Amuse du Tchibo d'Ebéne (Tchibo & Tita daughter)  became


Big, big congrats  Sabine & Zoé !!!!

Line_webl.jpg (17302 bytes)