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du Tchibo d'Ebéne Family
Successes & much more :))))

* ************* during 1st 6 years from 6 litters so far ***********

Little hungarian briard kennel founded in 2011

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2018                                                                          2014

During the 1st 5 years I had so lot luck with owners of my puppies, can't be enough thankful to them being such a great owners living the dogs as precious family members and futher  lot of them  could have possibility  being taken also into the showring worldwide in US & South America  and in Europe several countries like  Sweden, Finland, Iceland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark,United Kindgdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary... they obtained some Show titles, being Champions, Selected dogs for breeding, or very loving family members....  I am always so happy when can follow them in their future life, can take contact, and also do personal meetings with them even if it is not always easy reason of the big distances.... I sell always a part of my heart with the puppies, and remaining some part of their future lifes makes me so extremly pleased and happy!!! Thank you for those who allow this to me, and we can be apart of the  du Tchibo d'Ebéne family <3 <3

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Dogs from the Kennel
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Hall of fame 


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Show Successes
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Champion Titles
2 Champion Internationale de Beauty (Anoux & Byron)
9 Champion Internationale d'Exposition (Anoux, Byron, Black Pearl, Angie, Amuse, Costello
Diamond Noire, Delroy, Edward)

1 French Champion (Black Pearl)
3 Hungarian GrandChampion (Anoux & Byron, Graphite)
3 VDH German Youth Champion (Byron, Basima, Diamond Noire)
4 Clubjunior Champion in Germany (Anoux, Byron, Basima, Black Pearl, Diamond Noire)
7 Junior Champion in Hungary (Anoux, Byron, Bozont, Cairo, Darchelle, Diamond Noire, Ebonique, Graphite)
3 Club Youth Champion in Hungary (Byron, Diamond Noire & Ebonique, Graphite)
3 ClubChampion in Hungary (Anoux, Byron, Diamond Noire)
2 Belgian Champion (Amuse, Black Pearl)
1 Club GrandChampion in Hungary (Diamond Noire)

1 UK Champion (Étrerat)
4 Hungarian Show Champion (Anoux & Byron, Ebonique, Diamond Noire)
4 Norvegian Champion (Cruella de Ville, Costello, Delroy, Eloise Noire)
2 Champion of Luxemburg (Amuse, Black Pearl)
3 Champion of America (Calla Lily & Deauville, Fiero Capello)
2 GrandChampion of America (Deauville. Fiero Capello)
5 VDH German Champion (Anoux, Amuse, Basima, Black Pearl, Costello)
3 Champion of Denmark (Costello & Cruella, Delroy de Chilli)
1 Champion of San Marino (Angie)
1 Champion of Italy (Angelina Jolie)
1 Champion of Iceland (Edward)
2 Youth Champion of Denmark (Costello & Cruella)
1 Austrian Champion (Angie)
2 Champion of Netherlands (Black Pearl & Amuse)
2 Slovakian Champion (Anoux, Byron)
2 Belgian Youth Champion (Black Pearl & Ely Lue)
1 Swiss youth Champion (Dyanii Léne)
1 Czech Champion (Anoux)
1 Youth Champion in Iceland (Edward)
1 Youth Champion Brasil & Argentina (Amalka)
1 Litvanian Youth Champion (Delroy)
1Youth Champion San Marino (Angelina Jolie)
3 Youth Champion Slovakia (Cairo, Diamond Noire, Ebonique)
3 Beauty Champion of Switzerland (Angelina Jolie, Dyanii Léne, Eloise Noire)
1 Russian Champion & Grandchampion (Darcio)
2 Austellungs(Show) Champion of Switzerland (Dyanii & Angie)
1 Champion of Belorussia (Delroy)

1 Estonian Champion (Delroy de Chilli)
1 Finnish Champion (Cruella de Ville)
1 Lithuanian Champion (Delroy de Chilli)
1 Veteran Champion of Hungary (Byron)
1 Veteran Champion of Italy (Angelina Jolie)

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Kennel Results
Best Kennel at FRPK Clubshow 2013 (Byron, Anoux, Bozont, Angie)
"B" du Tchibo d'Ebéne BEST LITTER in Netherlands Youth Dog Day (Basima, Ballerine)
3rd Best Kennel at Nationale de Elevage 2013 (FR) (Byron, Black Pearl, Basima, Anoux)
BEST KENNEL of UEBB Show 2015 (Byron, Black Pearl, Anoux, Angie, Cairo)
BEST KENNEL Belgian Clubshow 2015 (Angie, Black Pearl, Byron, Cruella de Ville, Costello)
2nd Best Kennel FRPK 2016 (Anoux, Byron, Diamond Noire)
BEST KENNEL of CFH Clubshow 2016 (Diamond Noire, Douceur de Chilli, Dyanii, Ebonique, Angie)
2nd BEST KENNEL of Nationale de Elevage 2016 (Fr) (Black Pearl, Angie, Anoux, Cruella, Diamond Noire)
BEST KENNEL of FRPK Speciality (Anoux, Byron, Darchelle, Diamond Noire, Ebonique)
Best Breeding Group  Austrian Clubshow 2017 (Diamond Noire, Byron, Ebonique, Douceur de Chilli, Anoux)
BEST BREEDING GROUP  UEBB Show 2017 Belgium (Angie, Anoux, Black Pearl, Costello, Diamond Noire)
1st Breeding Group  CFH Clubshow 2017  (Anoux, Angie, Byron, Diamond Noire)
Best Group of Raduno Italy 2017 (Anoux, Angie, Diamond Noire)
3rd BEST KENNEL at Nationale de Elevage 2018 (Angie, Amuse, Black Pearl Costello, Diamond Noire)
with 5 COTATION 4 du Tchibo d'Ebéne briards exactly after 5 years of 1st appeareance at NE  :)))
2n Best Breeding Group - FRPK Clubshow 2018
3 rd BEST KENNEL, Nationale de Elevage 2021

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Diamond Noire, Anoux, Angie, Black Pearl, Cruella  - Nationale de Elevage France 2016

Costello, Black Pearl, Angie, Diamond Noire, Anoux - UEBB 2017

Anoux, Cruella, Angie, Costello  - NE 2017 Progeny Group 1st

Ebonique, Anoux, Diamond Noire, Byron  FRPK Club 1st

Byron, Diamond Noire, Anoux, Angie  - CFH Clubshow 1st

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in 2016 reached the Bronze Level of Master Breeder in Hungary
(after 4 different litters with titles CAC for Hungarian Ch)

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Show Titles
Meilleur Male, BOB 2017 Nationale de Elevage  (Costello)
Junior World Winner 2013 (Anoux)
European Winner 2016 (Amuse)
Best Male CC, BOB at Cruft's 2017 (Étrerat)
VDH European Winner 2014, 2015 (Black Pearl)
Clubwinner of Austria & BOB  2015 (Angelina Jolie)
Clubwinner of  Netherlands & BOB  2014, 2016 (Black Pearl)
Clubwinner in Belgium + BOB 2018 (Amuse)

Swedish Clubwinner, BOB, BIS, Best Movement 2018 (Cruella de Ville)
Finnish Speciality Winner, BOB, Best Movement 2018 (Delroy de Chilli)
Clubsiegerin, BOB, Best Movement - BCD Clubshow 2017 (Black Pearl)
Clubwinner Netherland (NBC) + BOS, & Best Dog of Selection  2018  (Amuse)
CAC, Trophy Bruno Marchese for Best Black Dog  - Raduno Italy 2017 (Diamond Noire)
British Briard Club open show - Best Dog, BEST IN SHOW (Étrerat)
Swedish Clubwinner, BOS 2018 (Costello)
Swedish Briard & Picard Winner, Best Male, BOS 2019 (Delroy de Chilli)
Finnish Speciality Winner 2019, BOS (Delroy de Chilli)
exc1, CAC, Best Adult Black Female - Championat  2017 (Black Pearl)
Speciality Winner FRPK 2013, 2016, 2018, 2019 (2x Anoux & Byron, 2x Diamond Noire)
Clubwinner, BOS - Netherland Clubshow 2017 (Black Pearl)
Clubwinner of Hungary (FRPK) 2014, 2016, 2017 (Anoux & 2x Byron, Diamond Noire)

Best Youth Black Male, Best Youth Male NE 2013 (Byron)
Best Youth Black Female, Best Female, Best Youth NE 2013 (Black Pearl)
Best Youth Black Male NE 2014 (Costello)
Youth Clubwinner Hungarian Clubshow 2013, 2016 (Bozont, Diamond Noire, Graphite)
Youth Speciality Winner (FRPK) 2013, 2016 (Byron, Ebonique, Graphite)
Youth Clubwinner Slovakia 2013, 2016 (Byron, Ebonique)
Youth Winster Belgian Clubshow 2013 (Black Pearl)
Youth Clubwinner Poland 2013 (Black Pearl)
BundesJugendSieger 2013 (Byron)
FrühJahrJugendSieger 2013 (Anoux)
Best Black Youth Female Eurosieger Dortmund 2013 (Anoux)
NRW JugendSieger 2013 - Clubshow Bochum (Black Pearl)
Best Youth Black Female UEBB 2013 (Black Pearl)
Best Youth Black Male UEBB 2013 (Byron)
Best Youth Netherland Youth Dog day (Basima)
LG-West JugendSiegerin Club Show Gelsenkirchen (Black Pearl)
Best Youth of CFH Selection 2016  (Diamond Noire)
Best Black Youth Female 2016 Austrian Clubshow  (Douceur de Chili)
ClubJugendSiegerin, Best Youth  BCD Clubshow  (Diamond Noire)
Finnish Speciality Youthwinner 2016  (Delroy de Chilli)
SELECT DOG - US Speciality 2018 (Deauville)
BEST OF WINNERS - US National 2018 (Fiero Capello)
VDH FrühJahrsSiegerien 2014 (Black Pearl)
LG-West Siegerin, BIS  - 2015, 2016  (Black Pearl)
CFH Lg-Süd JugendSiegerin, Best Youth  (Basima)
Speciality Winner Czech Republic 2014 (Black Pearl)
LG -Nord LandesJugendSiegerin CFH 2013 (Basima)
Best Black Female (res.CAC)  Netherland Clubshow (BVN) 2015 (Basima)
2nd Best Female (Res.CAC) Netherland Clubshow (NBC) 2016 (Amuse)
Best Black Male, res.CAC - Netherland Clubshow (BVN)2018  (Costello)
Swedish Junior Winner 2014, 2016 (Costello & Delroy de Chilli)
Nordic Winner 2017 (Delroy De Chilli)
Finnish Winner 2017 (Delroy De Chilli)
Rheinland JugendSiegerin 2013 (Basima)
Helsinki Winner 2018 (Delroy de Chilli)
Sauerland Siegerin, Best Female - Clubshow Hellefeld (Basima)
Benelux Winner 2016  - Lux & Nl (Black Pearl & Amuse)
Best Black Male (res.CC)  Briard Assosiation Show UK 2016 (Etrerat)
Best Black Male - Slovakian Clubshow 2017 (Byron)
Best Male, BOS, LG-West Sieger 2017 (Costello)
Swedish Winner 2016 (Delroy de Chilli)
Amsterdam Winner 2016 (Amuse)
Derbywinner 2016 (Slovakia)  Diamond Noire
Derbyinner (Hungary) 2013, 2014, 2016 (Byron, Cairo, Ebonique)
Estonian Winner 2018 (Delroy De Chilli)
Champion class winner UEBB 2015, 2016 (Anoux & Amuse) both times 2nd their sis. Angie :)
Open class winner UEBB 2015 (Black Pearl)
Intermediate class winner UEBB 2015, 2017 (Cairo & Diamond Noire)
Champion Class Winner UEBB 2018 (Amuse) & 2nd Female (not official :))
Working class winner UEBB 2017 (Anoux)
Champion class winner NE 2016, 2017 (Black Pearl)
Champion class Winner WDS 2017 (Costello)
Working class winner WDS 2017 (Byron)

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SELECTED in Belgium (Angie, Black Pearl, Basima, Anoux, Diamond Noire)
SELECTED in Netherlands (Basima, Angie, Anoux, Ballerina, Black Pearl, Amuse)
SELECTED in Germany (Angelina Jolie, Basima, Black Pearl)
SELECTED in France (Angie, Anoux, Amuse, Black Pearl, Basima, Costello, 
Diamond Noire, Eloise,)
SELECTED in Hungary (Anoux, Angie, Black Pearl, Byron, Diamond Noire, Ebonique, Graphite)
SELECTED in Italy (Angelina Jolie, Ebonique, Diamond Noire, Anoux, Favorito di Bruno)
SELECTED (angekört)  in Swiss - Dyanii Léne
SELECTED  in USA - Deauville
COTATION 3 in France (Dyanii Léne & Cruella de Ville, Flavia la Vita, Graphite)

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9 years, 9 litters 63 puppies
90 champ titles,  (including youth, adult, club, int), 35 selections

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Working results
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Herding Working Test  (HWT)   (Anoux, Byron, Graphite)
CANT  - Dyanii, Diamond Noire, Favorito di Bruno, Florrie Noire, Flavia la Vita
HIE - Darchelle, Diamond Noire, Aanoux, Byron, Angelina Jolie (It)
IHTS Level 1 - 2nd (89/100) & 4 th (88/100)  place - Byron
CSAU - Dyani
Obedience cl , LP1, Tracking  - Cruella de Ville

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du Tchibo d'Ebéne family... fun, love, happiness :)


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